List of Exhibitors

360 Yield Center
Gregg Sauder and his team of farmers, agronomists and engineers have a mission: for every farmer to reach the yield potential of modern seed corn. 360 COMMANDER – a Web-based crop modeling tool – provides you with accurate, agronomic recommendations, so you can make informed management decisions. It generates optimized, actionable seed, nitrogen and irrigation recommendations based on real-time information, and pulls real-time data from outside sources and combines it with your data to create customized recommendations for your farm.
Advanced Reconnaissance Corp.
Advanced Reconnaissance Corp (ARC) has developed AgVu a superior never before seen crop analysis mapping tool that shows farmers areas of their field that need attention before they become untreatable. The information obtained can help identify crops issues related to irrigation, crop health, crop maturity and even variations in crop types. AgVu crop analysis maps are updated every two weeks in an easy to view personalized cost effective means to aid farmers in improving their yields and help reduce costs. Visit our booth and see how AgVu can help improve yields and help reduce costs. For more information call the Corporate Office at: (845) 896-0880 or visit our web site at: ARC provides solutions and services to agriculture, commercial and military customers through its offices in Fishkill, New York, and Annapolis, Maryland.
Ag Leader Technology
At the very beginning of Precision Farming, Ag Leader Technology was there. Starting in 1992, the Precision Farming innovations have continued year after year setting industry standards. The pioneering spirit to "find a better way" has kept Ag Leader in the forefront of the Precision Farming revolution. Stop by the Ag Leader booth to be introduced to the latest innovations in precision farming.
Ag Renaissance Software LLC
AgRenaissance Software LLC develops software solutions for the agricultural industry. Our newest offering is FieldX,™ which is a record-keeping tool for agricultural producers, agronomists, and applicators. The product includes an easy-to-use cloud-based and mobile system to record and synchronize data across your organization. FieldX is built upon FieldRecon® Technology.
Ag World
No vaporware. No empty promises. No gimmicks. Farming, Agronomy and Precision Ag are complicated enough, which is why Agworld has created farming software built for the field. Our main goal is to make farm management a whole lot easier to save you time. Our leading cloud-based platform provides a secure place for farmers, consultants, contractors, processors, labs, and industry groups to consolidate business and industry-wide information. Take notes and photos, write recommendations, create work orders, manage documents, manage maps and imagery, access more than just labels from the extensive built-in library and manage your workflow and precision. Visit our booth and check out what we?re doing for Precision Ag, plus our new Apple Watch app.
“Solutions for the Ag-Technology Specialist” Much of the frustration felt by field technicians working in agriculture is caused by the fact, there have never been tools to allow them to properly diagnose problems with all types of ag-electronics they encounter and are expected to fix. The industry calls it “swap-tronics”. Change the parts until it works! Allow your technical people the tools they need to get the job done in as little time as possible and at the lowest possible cost. Eliminate false parts replacement. Stop wasted time! We are building test equipment to address the needs of these field technicians. The designs are based on my 40 years plus as a field tech working in agriculture. Our Testers are complete in functionality yet easy to use. Visit for all the details! Additionally for manufacturers; we build custom field test equipment to fit your requirements! Check out our web site! Videos will show you the product line in action! is the link to the first video. Others in the “products” page! See you at Info-Ag 2015! John Dignan- Ag-Tester:
FuseTM Technologies: Connecting your farm enterprise like never before. Fuse is AGCO's next-generation approach to precision agriculture that connects the entire crop cycle from enterprise planning to planting, crop care, harvesting and grain storage – providing mixed-fleet farming operations improved access to their farm data to make more informed business decisions, resulting in enhanced productivity and profitability. · Connecting the mixed fleet · Respecting your data choices · Maximum productivity with mobile functionality · Pioneering the open approach to precision farming
AgEagle robotic aircraft helps growers increase profits by pinpointing areas where nutrients or chemicals need to be applied versus where they don?t need to be applied thus decreasing input costs and increasing yields. We build the robotic aircraft imaging systems and offer them for purchase to farmers, agronomists or other precision agricultural professionals. Users create georeferenced aerial images of fields to aid in quick, accurate and complete ground truthing. The AgEagle precision agriculture photography system is designed for agricultural professionals to provide a complete aerial view of their crops to help precisely identify crop health and field conditions much faster than any other method available. The AgEagle system is built from the ground up specifically for agricultural use. It is designed for daily rugged use. Stop by and learn how the AgEagle system can help increase yields on your farm.
AgGateway is a non-profit association with the mission to promote, enable and expand eBusiness in agriculture. We currently have more than 220 member companies working on projects in Precision Ag, Ag Retail, Crop Nutrition, Crop Protection, Feed and Grain, Seed, and Allied Providers (systems & software developers and service providers). Come by and find out more!
Agrian, Inc.
Founded in 2004, Agrian Inc. provides a comprehensive and widely adopted suite of Software-as-a-Service, mobile phone and tablet-based applications to all levels of the Agrifood supply chain. The Agrian platform provides the Agricultural industry with an easy-to-use and easy-to- access data capture, storing, and sharing service. Agrian currently provides agronomy, recordkeeping, and reporting services on over 18 million acres of production agriculture throughout the United States.
Agribotix is a drone-enabled software company that provides advanced imaging and analysis for precision agriculture. Agribotix provides a turn-key solution: ultra-reliable drone platforms coupled with cloud-based data analysis that results in affordable and timely images and maps of your fields. Customers rely on Agribotix to provide actionable intelligence that results in reduced inputs, improved yield and increased profits.
Agricultural Retailers Association
The Agricultural Retailers Association (ARA) offers programs and services designed to keep agricultural retailers on top of critical issues that impact profitability. ARA is a 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association that represents the interests of agricultural retailers and distributors across the United States on legislative and regulatory issues. As the political voice for agricultural retailers and distributors, ARA advocates on critical issues, educates legislators and collaborates with regulatory officials on important issues affecting the industry.
The Illinois AgriNews and Indiana AgriNews editorial staff is in the field each week, covering topics that affect local farm families and their businesses. Some of the topics the staff reports on include crop and livestock management, agribusiness and new products, market information and national and state political issues. Their work earned the prestigious Meritorious Service in Communication Award from the American Society of Farm Managers and Rural Appraisers in 2007. With field editors working throughout Illinois and Indiana, AgriNews readers receive news tailored to their farm areas every week. Local producers also share their stories each week on the newspaper?s From the Fields and From the Barns pages. Rotating each week, weekly special sections include PorkNews, BeefNews, Farm Family Life and MoneyNews. The newspaper also publishes more than 20 special sections during the year. Since its inception, AgriNews? goal has remained the same. It still is focused on reporting events — both big and small — that impact the lives of farm families.
AgSource Laboratories is an industry leader in broad-based agronomic testing and management information services. With five locations throughout the Midwest and the Northwest, our laboratories serve a diverse client base across all 50 states and in nearly 40 different countries. For over 50 years, AgSource has worked to meet the needs of our clients. We offer comprehensive services, including soil sampling, plant tissue analysis, VRT files and GPS mapping. Visit AgSource at booth #15 to discuss how we can meet your unique needs.
AgSync, Inc.
AgSync, Inc. is a web-based business management system that accurately and efficiently enables applicators to break through the barriers in communication, organization, operations, and limited resources. The company?s mission is to design products that utilize the latest technology and integrate with strategic partners to streamline the crop protection and fertilizer application process. AgSync Ground is an extension of the web-based aerial application solution. Growers, Retail, and 3rd party applicators can utilize AgSync Ground to seamlessly manage work-orders from recommendations to application to record keeping internally and between multiple partners or outlets.
AgWorks new AgOS® is a unified set of tools that allow you to effectively manage data in one place and drives efficiency for retailers and their customers.
In Agriculture all things begin with one thing, the soil. That is still true; however, there is a caveat that changes everything: knowledge about the soil. The ability to analyze soil composition is nothing new – what isnew is the AutoProbe. Every other method of gathering soil, in order to have the best and most complete understanding of the soil, is obsolete. Simply put, there is nothing like the AutoProbe but the AutoProbe. After nine years of testing and proof in the field, there is no reason that the AutoProbe cannot pulling fifty cores per minute – that?s pulling a soil core every 8.5 feet while cruising at five miles per hour. The AutoProbe is capable of sampling a 2.5 acre grid on the go, delivering 40 cores in 45 seconds into the tractor cab without stopping. That is 3X faster than manual core sampling and 10X more accurate; AND IT?S REPEATABLE YEAR TO YEAR! In the coming years soil is not only the Alpha; it is the Omega. Knowing how to be a good steward of the soil has always been in the interest of growers. But the future of good stewardship hinges on precision and accuracy. There is not another machine on the market that can compete with the PATENTED AutoProbe: the most intensive, accurate, and repeatable soil-sampling machine on earth. It is capable of pulling consistent 6” cores every 8.5 feet inside grids, zones or any other sampling scheme imaginable. FOR DATA INTEGRITRY, RESULTS AND RESPONSIBLE STEWARDSHIP, THERE IS ONLY ONE MACHINE: AUTOPROBE. You can see the AutoProbe in action at
Ayrstone Productivity LLC
Ayrstone Productivity is the company behind the AyrMesh line of Wireless Farm Networking products. AyrMesh products allow any grower to quickly, easily, and inexpensively build a private wireless network that stretches for miles and works better and cheaper than cellular connections. The network uses standard WiFi, so it can be used for Internet access, automatic data collection, or remote control of farm machinery. See us at
BlackBridge is focused on providing end to end solutions across the geospatial value chain. This includes satellite operations, ground station services, data center and geocloud solutions, and worldwide satellite imagery distribution through over 100 BlackBridge partners, combined with the creation of value added products and services.
Capstan Ag Systems Inc.
Capstan Ag Systems, a technology based company, specializes in creating new proprietary systems for the agricultural industry, particularly with chemical and fertilizer applications. Headquartered in Topeka, KS, Capstan Ag?s inventive process involves research, engineering design, and lab and field testing often working with other industry experts. Capstan Ag maintains strong ties to university agricultural departments across North America.
Crop Data Management Systems (CDMS) provides crop consultants, retailers, applicators and producers with a complete agronomic solution for managing all of their crop production data. Using a web platform, ADVISOR is the industry?s only complete solution providing mapping, sampling, fertility, planting, scouting, crop protection, irrigation and harvesting data layers for analysis and decision making. Robust reporting, complete precision ag connectivity and data management options enable information sharing between producers, their service providers and vertically to commodity and end use purchasers.
Crop IMS
Crop IMS was formed by a group of five investors with a vision to create an independent, third-party resource that growers could turn to for accurate, unbiased crop production information. As the company grew, we also gained purchasing power and a voice in the precision ag industry. Not only can we secure more attractive equipment prices, but manufacturers now integrate our field observations into the products they develop. Because we?re not connected to a retail organization, we don?t approach our customers with an agenda. Our goal is to objectively analyze your situation and make recommendations that best fit your needs. We will evaluate your existing technology, discuss your production goals, and recommend any additional components needed to maximize the effectiveness of your current system, if necessary. Though we aren?t affiliated with any single manufacturer, we do sell the finest technology and equipment from industry leaders such as Ag Leader�®, Topcon Precision Ag, Juniper Systems, SST, RAM Mounting Systems, and Ag Cam. We?re also very comfortable with systems from John Deere, Case IH, and Agco. With support staff located from Wisconsin to Kentucky, Crop IMS is ready to serve producers throughout the Corn Belt.
CropMetrics, LLC
CropMetrics is a precision agriculture company focused on advanced agronomic solutions while specializing in precision irrigation management. Our mission is to develop and supply precision management technology solutions that increase water, nutrient and energy use efficiency while fostering natural resource conservation. CropMetrics is a leader in Precision Irrigation Management with the introduction of the first commercially available full-service Variable Rate Irrigation program. CropMetrics continues it's pursuit in innovation and strives to deliver ultimate value to the grower customer. The seamless integration of these unique offerings provides the framework for large-scale, data-driven, precision agronomic services that are readily marketed and supported by professional trained Precision Data Specialists.
DTN/The Progressive Farmer
EFC Systems
EFC Precision Agronomy solution is a web-based, flexible, data management system designed to make precision agriculture as simple and profitable as possible. The easy to use platform allows you to take control of your data and farm operation by supplying you with advanced data analysis and decision making, while providing the user access critical information from anywhere with an internet connection. EFC Precision Agronomy works in conjunction with Merchant Ag. Merchant Ag and Precision Agronomy provides users a complete agronomy solution handling both Data Analysis, Management, Point of Sale, and Accounting software solutions for Agribusinesses.
Encirca services by DuPont Pioneer
DuPont Pioneer is the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced plant genetics, providing high-quality seeds to farmers in more than 90 countries. Pioneer provides agronomic support and services to help increase farmer productivity and profitability and strives to develop sustainable agricultural systems for people everywhere. Science with Service Delivering SuccessTM.
Before InfoAg 2015, attend the Esri Mid-West Agriculture User Group Meeting to learn about the latest precision agriculture solutions on the ArcGIS platform. We'll discuss how to increase yields and revenue with advanced modeling tools for ArcGIS and how you can leverage location to improve crop health, farm management, and benchmarking. The meeting is free to attend and is open to all with registration. Register at Visit us at booth numbers 71 and 72 at the 2015 InfoAg Conference, or email the Esri Agriculture Team to schedule a meeting during the Conference.
Falcon Automated Soil Sampling
With precision farming technology advancing fast, detailed field information is vital to placing fertilizer, seed and other inputs precisely where they're needed. That's why Monroe, N.C., farmer Allan Baucom custom-engineered the Falcon automated soil sampling system: To help commercial soil sampling operators and other farm input providers quickly collect high-quality samples with unsurpassed precision, consistency and efficiency. Baucom developed the Falcon because soil sampling is still "shovel work" in a fast-paced world of highly automated, satellite-guided precision farming equipment. The Falcon ends the days of time-consuming, labor-intensive, inconsistent and tedious sample collection. Low-maintenance and easy to use, the Falcon delivers high-quality, homogenous soil samples with unparalleled efficiency. Coupled with GPS tracking and barcode sample identification, Falcon technology delivers better samples, better analysis, smarter input decisions, bigger harvests, and increased customer satisfaction. It can support virtually any cropping system throughout the United States. It?s built "farm tough” in the U.S.A. to commercial-grade standards, for maximum reliability and minimum maintenance.
Farmers Edge
Farmers Edge™ is a global leader in precision agriculture and independent data management solutions. Leading the development and application of new technologies on the farm, Farmers Edge™ is defining the future of agriculture through innovation.
As an independent company headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, FarmLink offers unique services to help farmers maximize their resources through targeted investment. Through its TrueHarvest yield benchmarking service, FarmLink brings to farming the science of benchmarking to measure the impact of inputs and decisions, helping to increase productivity and profit. Through MachineryLink's fleet of rental combines, farmers access the latest technology without the expense, maintenance and time costs of combine ownership. And that's just today. FarmLink's innovation pipeline identifies and creates ongoing opportunities for farmers to use technology and data to better assess and invest in their operations, for today's needs and tomorrow's potential.
Farmobile was founded in the fall of 2013 with the strong spirit of Midwest pragmatism and a huge vision: To simplify data collection from machines to decisions. Delivering the simplest way for farmers to get their data in one place was crucial. We knew most farmers already worked with other parties to analyze their data. So, data analysis could be left to others. Farmobile put together the business model, technology, and team to make our vision a reality.
Fialab Instruments, Inc.
FIAlab Instruments Inc. was founded in 1987 and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Flow and Sequential Injection Analysis systems and components. We offer a variety of automated systems for use in process/industrial, laboratory, field, and educational environments. Our systems are utilized for diverse applications such as on-line process monitoring, sensor development, routine agricultural and environmental assays.
FirstWater Ag
At FirstWater Ag, we believe the world will continue to seek new solutions and technology for our water resources. Customized irrigation systems to manage water that not only give us greater control and precision in the application of water but also guidance on how and when to time those applications. Our goal in this process is to ultimately provide products and services to waters users that brings value to their operations. Today, FirstWater Ag has a primary focus in agricultural water use and crop production environments. We are always looking for new and innovative answers to the challenges growers face as well as ways to enhance and build upon current solutions. In our approach we seek to place a high value on relationships with customers and partners in finding ways to work together in managing water more efficiently. FirstWater Ag was incorporated in 2013 and is based in Atwood, KS. In forming the company, we brought together a small group of founders, including Rick Heard. Rick has been working in agricultural electronics his entire life and been involved with variable rate irrigation systems for over ten years. Together we are continuing on with that same work and are looking forward to incorporating additional solutions in working with water.
Geonics, Ltd.
Geophysical instrumentation for exploration and the environment. Leaders in electromagnetics.
Geosys, Inc.
The GEOSYS mission is to help agribusinesses, agricultural professionals and farmers make better decisions using the latest research in agronomic, information and geographic technologies. With over 25 years in business, 50 full time employees and with projects in more than 50 countries, GEOSYS is the world leader for agricultural information and decision support tools based on remote sensing.
GeoVantage applies today's advanced technology to a revolutionary aerial imaging approach. This approach provides on-demand land asset information more quickly and cost-effectively than ever before. State-of-the-art sensors composed of integrated GPS, inertial measurement units and 3 or 4-band digital cameras, enable rapid response and worldwide geographic coverage – we measure turn-around times in days, not months.
GVM Inc. is proud to part of an industry that is vital to the sustainability of our nation. We hold a great amount of respect for our suppliers and even more for the many hard-working Americans that provide our food, shelter and fuels. We value our suppliers and customers as partners and we are committed to their success. We believe in honesty and transparency; we want to be a company you can trust. We believe that what we say matters, and we stand behind the promises that we make. We work together, we work as a team, and we respect each other. We believe that every member of the team plays a vital role in our success. Our biggest asset and competitive advantage is our people, and our success is because of our people. Our people care; they care about our business and your business and about personal excellence in everything they do. We find our success not in managers, but in leaders. We rely on everyone within our organization to be a leader. We believe that leaders initiate action, motivation and confidence, while building morale. Leaders understand the importance of our other core values, including mutual respect, honesty and people/teamwork.
Hexagon Geospatial
Hexagon Geospatial helps you make sense of the dynamically changing world. Look to our Agricultural solutions for complete end to end handling and processing of UAV-collected imagery. We offer photogrammetric processing of the raw imagery, as well as Remote Sensing tools for getting valuable crop information from the pixels themselves. Once the data is collected, our data cataloging solution helps you manage your data and get it to the users that need it. Come take a look at Erdas Imagine, Imagine-Photogrammetry, Image Station, ECW and Erdas Apollo. Hexagon Geospatial is a division of Intergraph Corporation.
United Soils Inc. (est. 1993) is a soil testing lab that specializes in analysis of soils, plant tissue, site specific precision agriculture and variable rate technology via the use of i-F.A.R.M (our proprietary web based software program that utilizes soil test results in conjunction with GPS Yield Data to prepare variable rate application maps/files to spread plant nutrients in the proper amounts, in the proper field locations to efficiently and economically maximize crop yields). Users of i-FARM can access all their data, run reports, even create prescription files right from their smart phone cell phone, tablet, or any internet connected computer.
iCrop Trak
iCropTrak brings iPads/iPhones and the Amazon cloud to Farm and Field Management. iCropTrak allows for collaboration and coordination of distributed teams; each user unique application configuration based on roles; central data and user management; and user defined scouting, sampling, and collection forms.
Insero builds simple controllers that can connect directly to your iPhone or iPad. You can log data, monitor speed, acres and volume, or even control your flow rate - everything directed by the user from an Apple device. No data charges or subscription fees necessary. Insero's Controllers are driven by a combination of GPS/GNSS, inertial systems and ground speed sensors. All information is recorded on the controller and can be moved to an Apple device or to the cloud - on demand. No Apple device is necessary for the controller to function. It can be setup and then left to operate as a stand-alone device. Insero is the creator of AgOtter, a flow monitor, rate control and data recording system designed for Orchard Spraying. A thick canopy of trees can block GPS satellites but it will not stop the AgOtter from functioning fully. Logging, monitoring and rate control will remain uninterrupted regardless of GPS status.
International Plant Nutrition Institute
The International Plant Nutrition Institute (IPNI) is a new, not-for-profit, scientific organization dedicated to responsible management of plant nutrients — N, P, K, secondary nutrients, and micronutrients — for the benefit of the human family. With established programs in Latin America, North America, China, India, Southeast Asia, and planned expansion in other areas of the world, IPNI is a global organization ready to respond to the worldâ?™s demand for food, fuel, feed, and fiber.
IRROMETER Company, Inc.
From the early 1950s, when Shel Pooley cruised the dusty farm roads of California and Arizona in a Nash Rambler stocked with IRROMETERs, to the computer equipped irrigation manager of today, both IRROMETER and WATERMARK sensors are standard management tools being used to Optimize Irrigation, Worldwide. Ask us today how we can help you join this ever growing irrigation management team and help make irrigation a more sustainable and profitable practice.
Iteris, Inc.
Iteris is a leader in providing weather information solutions. Our innovative precision ag decision-support system, ClearAg(tm), leverages a data delivery platform to enable agribusinesses to ingest specific, actionable, high-resolution weather, crop and soil information for data-driven farming. Iteris' ClearAg(tm) API platform takes field-specific weather, combines it with the science of soil and agronomy to deliver the right information, for the right field, at the right time for the right decisions.
John Deere
John Deere FarmSight™ offers growers technology products and services that bring even greater power to their equipment, backed by local dealer support. This includes the MyJohnDeere Operations Center—an online resource where growers can manage and share information about their operations, improving their ability to farm. The Operations Center becomes even stronger as third-party developers contribute to the platform, creating more possibilities for customers to analyze and draw insights from their data.
MapShots, Inc.
MapShots is a leading developer of the renowned AgStudio product line used by growers and service providers across North America. Growers take advantage of the power and flexibility of AgStudio Farm which provides data they want in the formats they need to manage agronomic data effectively and efficiently to make the right business decisions. Crop Service Providers, such as consultants and crop input retailers, rely on the customization capabilities of AgStudio Pro to provide crop planning and nutrient management services to their farm customers. Stop by our booth and ask about our new products AgStudio Select, AgStudio Notes and AgStudio MAP and learn how our suite of products we can make your business more productive.
Mavrx is an imagery-based analytics platform offering a complete smart farming solution. With our network of UAVs, aircraft, and satellites, Mavrx provides total field awareness by capturing images at the right time and resolution, processing and layering image data, and delivering automated alerts and in-field tools to growers and agronomists for seamless crop management. We enable growers to maximize yields and reduce costs by detecting and predicting changes in crop and soil conditions—before they become problems. Headquartered in San Francisco, Mavrx currently operates in the U.S. and internationally.
MicaSense Inc.
MicaSense is a developer of precision sensors and data solutions designed specifically for agricultural remote sensing applications on unmanned aircraft (drones). Our scientific-grade hardware and advanced analytics provide new tools for crop managers and agronomists to make critical decisions to maximize the health and yield of their crops. MicaSense offers RedEdge™, a rugged yet lightweight multispectral camera that offers agricultural professionals the highest quality data on their crops. MicaSense has launched ATLAS™, an imagery processing, analytics, and management platform to work with RedEdge, providing a complete solution from image capture to data outputs and online tools for deeper insights and analysis of multispectral imagery.
Midwest Laboratories
Midwest Laboratories is a leader in the area of information technology. Midwest Laboratories works with companies across different industries with respect to sending and receiving laboratory information. From smart phones to networks, the Midwest Laboratories staff are always working with the latest technology vendors to insure that data can be communicated and sent in a number of different formats to insure proper data quality. Please stop by our booth and learn more about the capabilities that can assist you and your clients.
Mixmate is a mobile chemical mixing system designed for automated batch blending to increase the accuracy and efficiency of chemical application in the field. This innovative system bridges the gap between accounting and spacial records with the automated record keeping of each ingredient in every batch. With the ability to record the exact amount of every product used in a batch with superior accuracy, as well as mix location with time and environmental conditions during application, Mixmate's technology will take precision agriculture operations to another level.
My AgCentral
MyAgCentral delivers web-based tools to enhance and simplify the delivery of precision ag services supporting data from multiple vendors in real-time from a single dashboard. Our platform provides a revolutionary online bridge that connects service providers, consultants, and agri-retailers to their producer customers and the cutting edge precision services they demand. MyAgCentral is the center of a modern producer?s agricultural universe where growers control their own data and can share information seamlessly with their chosen precision ag team.
MyWay RTK LLC was established by a group of agriculture industry partners with a mission to engineer an open-technology RTK network for the specific guidance needs of growers using precision farming technologies in their operations. “MyWay RTK was developed by a group of farmers, for farmers. We saw the need to grow an RTK network that empowers farmers and their service providers who want to help build out this RTK system at multiple levels,” explained Andy Hill, manager for MyWay RTK. "The very reason this service exists is to provide open access to RTK for all brands of equipment and hardware, as well as provide a dedicated service team that understands agriculture and the needs of growers using precision technology today?and in the future.” – Andy Hill, Manager, MyWay RTK.
New Holland Agriculture
New Holland Agriculture and New Holland Construction sell and service an innovative line of agricultural and construction equipment, including a full line of tractors, hay and forage equipment, harvesting, crop production, skid steer and compact track loaders, compact wheel loaders, tractor loader backhoes and mini excavators. Sales, parts and service are provided by more than 1,000 New Holland dealers throughout North America. More information on New Holland can be found at
With over fifteen years of experience, NORAC is a pioneer with ultrasonic technology in agriculture. NORAC offers three Spray Height Control systems that can be installed on most sprayer models; the UC4+™ and UC4.5™ come complete with a stand-alone control panel and the UC5™ is an ISOBUS system that can be operated through a variety of existing control panels. NORAC?s Spray Height Control systems use ultrasonic sensors mounted on the left, right and center sections of the boom to monitor field terrain and make responsive boom height adjustments. With NORAC Spray Height Control systems, the boom automatically follows the contours of the land and maintains a preset height above the ground or the top of the crop allowing more effective chemical use and stress free spraying for the operator. Hybrid Mode™, the new advanced crop sensing feature for in-crop spraying, eliminates the need for the operator to take manual control of the boom while spraying in row crops or adverse situations such as lodged, thin and uneven crop. Together with Soil Mode™ and Crop Mode™, NORAC provides the boom stability and spray height accuracy you can trust in all field conditions. Guaranteed.
NovAtel Inc.
NovAtel's complete product line is developed to meet a wide range of accuracy and cost requirements. Providing exceptional positioning performance with leading edge technology, NovAtel receivers are known for their low power consumption and comprehensive message suites for configuration and data logging. Our product line also extends to sophisticated reference receivers which we supply to the national aviation ground networks of USA, Japan, Europe, China and India. By searching for true innovation in RF (Radio Frequency) and digital design, signal processing, and embedded software, NovAtel continues to build its technology and product portfolio thereby strengthening its position as a true innovator and technology leader in precise positioning.
PAQ Interactive
PAQ Interactive is a technology services company specializing in Web and GIS solutions. Our web design and development work focuses on the web as a communication tool. More than static pages, we assist our clients through the design of interactive, content rich, fully customizable web sites that allow our clients to use their web technology investment for internal and external communications. In GIS services, PAQ consults with clients in creating and maintaining a business-level GIS. We provide training, custom programming, data analysis, and GIS project management solutions to create or expand on our clients initial investment in GIS. PAQ helps leverage your technology investment to increase productivity and maximize the benefits technology can bring.
Precision Technologies
The Wintex1000 is the optimum solution for collecting soil samples. Very fast and effective you will be amazed at how much your productivity, soil core quality, consistency and operator fatigue will be improved!
PrecisionAg Institute
The PrecisionAg Institute was developed in 2006 as an independent global forum dedicated to the sharing of precision agriculture practices, ideas, research, products, services and success stories.

Through advocacy, education and research, the Institute intends to advance precision technology and its efficiency, stewardship and profitability on farms around the world through a variety of integrated media offerings:

· Grower research
· PrecisionAg eNews
· PrecisionAg Award of Excellence
· PrecisionAg Live Forums and Events
· Educational promotion

The Institute is managed by the Agribusiness Group of Meister Media Worldwide. The staff has been instrumental in knowledge transfer to the benefit of precision agriculture even as the practice began to be formalized in the early 1990s. First through Farm Chemicals and Dealer PROGRESS magazines, then through, the PrecisionAg Buyer's Guide, PrecisionAg Special Reports, CropLife and other outlets, the group has been a steady advocate of the technology and its benefits to growers and practitioners.

Raven Industries
Since 1978, Raven has helped define the concept of precision agriculture—and continues to create ground-breaking ideas and products that improve the position of growers around the world. Raven is publicly traded on NASDAQ (RAVN) and has earned an international reputation for agricultural innovation, product reliability and unmatched service and support. From field computers to boom controls, from GPS guidance to steering systems, Raven is leading the way for precision ag technology that delivers in the field. In partnership with our network of Raven dealers and distributors, we?re helping growers of all sizes and all types work smarter, reduce input costs and increase yields and profitability. Success in farming has always been about using less and getting more. With Raven, you can simply do it better.
Since 1996, Satshot Technologies has been a leader in bringing remote sensing to the ag industry., its dynamic internet based imagery delivery and analysis system allows agriculture users to access satellite and aerial imagery of farm fields across North America and Australia.
ScoutPro brings you the latest in accurate, efficient, identification of weeds, insects, diseases, and disorders. Use our drill down identification, or quickly sort favorites and searches within our applications for corn, soybeans, and wheat. Record your path through a field via GPS pins while adding stand counts, performing yield checks, and even recording irrigation activities. Our applications collect the data, you manage the data through the ScoutPro webservice for a complete scouting program. Flexible for every type of scout and every scouting program, our software is designed to provide you and your clients consistent, field specific, scouting data.
SenseFly is a Swiss company that designs ultra-light and fully autonomous flying devices equipped with a camera (also called UAVs) and related software solution for flight planning and flight monitoring. The RGB or NIR (Near Infra Red) pictures taken during a mission are then processed with the included processing software in order to create geo-referenced 2D maps or 3D elevation models (precision up to 2/4 inches). These maps can be used as an input to display information and even calculate relevant indicators, like the NDVI. Because of it?s simplicity of use and capability to fly up to 2 500 acres in one single flight, this technology could change the way farmers work!
SGS North America
SGS is the world?s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. We are recognized as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. With more than 80,000 employees, we operate a network of more than 1,650 offices and laboratories around the world.

Our core services can be divided into four categories:

Inspection: our comprehensive range of world-leading inspection and verification services, such as checking the condition and weight of traded goods at transshipment, help you to control quantity and quality, and meet all relevant regulatory requirements across different regions and markets
Testing: our global network of testing facilities, staffed by knowledgeable and experienced personnel, enable you to reduce risks, shorten time to market and test the quality, safety and performance of your products against relevant health, safety and regulatory standards
Certification: we enable you to demonstrate that your products, processes, systems or services are compliant with either national or international standards and regulations or customer defined standards, through certification
Verification: we ensure that products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. Combining global coverage with local knowledge, unrivalled experience and expertise in virtually every industry, SGS covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption.

We are constantly looking beyond customers? and society?s expectations in order to deliver market leading services wherever they are needed. As the leader in providing specialized business solutions that improve quality, safety and productivity and reduce risk, we help customers navigate an increasingly regulated world. Our independent services add significant value to our customers? operations and ensure business sustainability.

Sky Imaging Mapping Data
SkyFusion Pak is the most cost-effective and advanced turnkey solution for aerial intelligence in a broad range of applications. Combining ease of use with sophisticated features, SkyFusion Pak is a breakthrough in value and functionality. The SkyFusion Pak system includes state-of-the-art equipment to collect and view surveillance information, communication to the ground, flight-management software to control and process the data, and responsive customer service and support. For the first time, government agencies and companies can afford an inclusive system solution for their airborne surveillance needs. The SkyFusion Pak system is approved for installation on over 30 aircraft in over 30 countries. SkyIMD will tailor SkyFusion Pak to your specific needs, including custom solutions such as integrating with your communication system or existing airborne cameras, or unique installation mounts.
Software Solutions Integrated, LLC
Agvance is an all-encompassing, completely open, agribusiness platform that enables today?s ag professional to connect with customers, employees, trading partners and the next generation of devices and apps. Designed for the diversified needs of an agricultural cooperative, Agvance provides seamless integration throughout all facets of the agronomy, grain and energy operations within a single financial package.
SOILMAP Desktop is a web application designed to process the data and information gathered through soil sampling of your fields. The software is then used by the SOILMAP team and your agronomists to determine fertilizer recommendations. Additionally, SOILMAP software allows you to plan (chemicals, fertilizers, seed), create cost comparisons, acquire history reports and determine blendsheets. Other capabilities include soil-type books, seed population maps and farm maps. We are currently integrated with a number of accounting programs to facilitate greater accuracy and efficiency with the accounting program you utilize. We are also integrated with Murray and Kahler automated blenders. With SOILMAP software, you?re able to gain valuable insight into the needs and capabilities of your fields that will, in turn, assist you in making the best possible management decisions in the effort to maximize your return on investment.
SOYL have been providing PrecisionAg services to growers since 1993. Our latest development is iSOYL – a variable rate application controller. This iOS app, free to download uses your cloud stored application files to control your fertiliser spreader, planter, or sprayer. iSOYL works with a wide variety of hardware devices, allows in field observations, and faster, easier, more accurate record keeping with the as applied file write back.
Spectrum Technologies
Spectrum Technologies manufactures and distributes affordable, leading-edge measurement information technology to the agricultural market throughout the world. Founded in 1987 by Mike Thurow, Spectrum is headquartered in Aurora, IL.
Spensa Technologies
Spensa Technologies designs, develops and delivers novel technologies for the agricultural industry that use both hardware and software tools to provide precision ag insights. Our data collection sensors such as our fully automated insect trapping system ZTraps or our unique software platforms MyTraps and OpenScout allow us to collect data, analyze the data and deliver decision making tools to the modern producer to reduce labor and enhance production efficiency.
SST Software
SST has developed an agricultural information management system that helps growers maximize farm management, efficiency, and yield. SST's system equips agriculturalists at all levels with software and services suited to their businesses, whether they are a thousand-acre soybean farmer in Iowa, a seed company doing corn trials in Hawaii, a fertilizer dealer in Brazil, a crop consultant in Mississippi, or one of the world's largest cotton processors, headquartered in Australia.
TapLogic, LLC
Soil Test Pro SP is a Management Tool Designed for the Agricultural Service Provider and Retailer Manage your soil sampling operation in the office on your Web Headquarters and in the field on your Mobile App. Pull GPS referenced soil samples, choose a lab from our recommended list, then ship your samples. Get Lab results fast (5-7 days). Share results with your clients and build unlimited recommendations & controller files. It's also Raven Slingshot ready. Other key features of Soil Test Pro SP include: Create work orders for your employees and the Navigate to Field function which gets you to the right location every time. 1-866-761-8001
From sharing feature-rich maps and imagery to deploying on-demand apps for a mobile workforce, we build products that enable collaboration from any place on the planet.TerraGo invented the industry's most widely adopted geospatial collaboration technology with its GeoPDF products and is revolutionizing field data collection with TerraGo Edge mobile platform.
The Climate Corporation
The Climate Corporation's mission is to help all the world's people and businesses manage and adapt to climate change. The Climate Corporation aims to protect the $3 trillion global agriculture industry from the financial impact of adverse weather—the cause of over 90% of crop loss—with automated, full-season weather insurance.
The Fertilizer Institute
The Fertilizer Institute (TFI) represents the nation?s fertilizer industry including producers, wholesalers, retailers and trading firms. 4R Nutrient Stewardship (right source at the right rate, the right time, and in the right place) is a key initiative for TFI and our industry partners. Visit the TFI booth to interact with growers and retailers implementing site specific nutrient management on the farm using precision technologies, learn about available information resources for your employees and clients, and learn about an industry effort to increase our understanding how precision application reduces the impact of nutrients on the environment.
Topcon Precision Agriculture
Topcon Precision Agriculture's goal is to serve agribusinesses, professional farmers, and agricultural contractors with easy-to-use precision farming solutions. Topcon precision farming products employ innovative technology that creates superior value through improved operational efficiency and input cost reduction. The Topcon product portfolio includes advanced technology products for guidance, autosteering, GNSS positioning, variable rate control, auto section control, electric steering, on-the-go crop canopy sensing, water management, and farm data management. Topcon offers powerful precision made easy.
Trimble's Agriculture Division is a leader in precision agriculture, GPS and guidance solutions that help customers operate farm vehicles and implements more efficiently, save on input costs and increase yield and productivity. To ensure better decision making, Trimble offers an integrated operations management solution called Connected Farm that provides information exchange across the entire farm using industry-leading software and hardware. Additional Trimble solutions include vehicle and implement guidance and steering; application control for seed, liquid and granular products; laser- and GPS-based water management technology; and a harvest solution. For more information on Trimble Agriculture, visit:
Valley Irrigation
Valley® Irrigation is the industry leader in mechanized irrigation equipment – center pivots and linears. Valley irrigation equipment irrigates approximately 25 million acres globally, while conserving water, saving time, reducing costs and increasing yields.
Veris Technologies
Veris Technologies produces innovative soil sensors that measure soil texture, organic matter, and pH on-the-go. At InfoAg 2014, Veris will showcase its new data fusion technology which combines Soil EC, OM, and pH data—generating maps for variable rate seeding, irrigation, nitrogen, and other inputs.
Winfield Solutions, a Land O?Lakes company, offers top-performing seed and crop protection products. With unmatched agricultural expertise and performance as core company values, WinField brands match leading seed and crop protection products to help farmers, retailers and other industry partners achieve high levels of success. WinField brands include CROPLAN® seed, crop protection products, plant nutrients and other proprietary products. Backed with unrivaled technical services and knowledge, WinField™ products deliver outstanding solutions and value for the agricultural industry.
We are an ag software company that analyzes big data. Instead of spending hours staring at yield maps and field records to see whether your seed, fertilizer, or drainage really made a difference, we can turn this guess work into an easy-to-use, easy-to-read analysis that tells you what mattered on your field. We compare every yield point in a field with its neighbors, resulting in literally thousands of head-to-head comparisons in a single field. This means that yield data from on-farm comparisons can now be as statistically accurate as replicated, small block trials.
ZedX, Inc.
For twenty years, ZedX® has developed and applied state-of-the-art technologies and decision support systems to help public and private organizations throughout the world do their work more efficiently. ZedX®'s success is built on reliable information, innovative technologies, and a strong commitment to customer service.

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We have an excellent variety of vendors participating in the PrecisionAg Tech Center this year. Please learn a bit more about them and make plans to stop by each exhibit during the course of the conference. Many thanks to the good people at CropLife and PrecisionAg for organizing the PrecisionAg Tech Center. 

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