Modus Standard Workshop

Dr. Scott Murrell 
TBDJason Ellsworth
TBDDr. Ignacio Ciampitti
TBDDave Nerpel
Aaron Hunt 
Trends in precision farming, regulations and public oversight require new focus on ag data. Testing laboratories have long supplied the industry with data for managing crops and better input utilization. Multiple formats of data transfer have emerged as well as multiple terminologies for the same analysis. Soil, tissue and nematode components are now operational. Other features are being added.
Modus was developed by data users, testing labs and FMIS (farm management information system) originators to standardize data terminology and transfer. It supports greater accuracy in data tracking, analysis and in crop planning.  4R focus on precise recommendations is greatly enhanced.
The session is designed for CCAs, precision agronomists, data users and lab personnel. Current and planned Modus Standard practitioners will conduct this workshop and discussion. Perspective will be offered by industry users and researchers.

Ask the Futurist

David Zach
David Zach
A free form give and take. David Zach will present a few topics from his opening keynote and open it up to questions and discussion. 

Managing Healthy Precision Agriculture Teams

T.J. Stauffer
T. J. Stauffer
“Dollars & Sense” Tips to Investing in and Managing Healthy Precision Agriculture Teams. The emergence of precision agriculture technology has created the need for companies to invest in new technologies and to create specialized teams of precision agriculture professionals focused on leading these efforts.  This workshop is designed to address the ‘people’ part of precision agriculture by discussing ways to structure roles, build training programs, and manage teams.  Having worked as precision agriculture specialist for both an agronomy-based company and an equipment company, T.J. will be sharing his insights into the differences between these industries.

Decision Tools using Agronomic, Climatic, and Economic Information from U2U

Jim Angel
Chad Hart
A hands-on workshop exploring the agricultural decision tools from U2U. The featured tools outline historical weather patterns and normals, examine the likelihood of freezes and heat stress on the growing crops, explore the relationship among climate cycles and crop production, and investigate the costs/benefits of spring fertilizer applications.

Innovation Forum

Dr. Johnny Park
This is a new program innovation for InfoAg. We would like to allow 5-10 companies give a short 10-20 minute pitch of their project idea to potential investors. 
Spensa Technologies
Spensa Technologies designs, develops and delivers novel technologies for the agricultural industry that use both hardware and software tools to provide precision ag insights. Our data collection sensors such as our fully automated insect trapping system ZTraps or our unique software platforms MyTraps and OpenScout allow us to collect data, analyze the data and deliver decision making tools to the modern producer to reduce labor and enhance production efficiency.
Travis BayerTravis Bayer
Asilomar Bio
Asilomar Bio develops crop protection chemistry to help growers deal with environmental stress in the field, one of the biggest constraints on yield. We have discovered a compound that enhances the ability of crops to access water and tolerate drought stress, leading to healthier plants and increased yields. We are developing this technology into a product that will enable growers to maintain yields and margins in challenging conditions. There is an exciting potential for using this chemistry along with integrated analysis of real-time data and precision application to sense and respond to changing weather during the growing season.
Travis BayerBen Chostner
Weed Control: Robotics and Agriculture Automation
Blue River Technology is developing smart implements that provide an alternative to the expensive and environmentally damaging practices of chemical-intensive agriculture. With breakthrough computer vision techniques for identifying weeds and selective robotics for elimination of unwanted plants, Blue River Technology’s equipment is significantly more efficient than traditional methods of weed control. Our automated solution is particularly well-suited for fields with herbicide-resistant weeds and for organic production. 
Travis Bayer
Tim Harris
Swift Navigation
High Accuracy RTK GPS has long been a mainstay in precision agriculture. Until now, RTK has been limited to the high-end applications on the farm. Through a novel approach to RTK, Swift Navigation is providing high accuracy positioning to a range of new applications in precision agriculture, and brining down the cost of autosteer for an increasingly automated farm. With low cost, high accuracy GPS, Swift is putting more precision in precision agriculture. 
Travis Bayer
Sid Gorham
Granular CEO Sid Gorham will introduce Granular, a cloud software and analytics platform dedicated to helping industry leaders build stronger and smarter farms. He will discuss how it fits in the emerging farm management software (FMS) landscape, and outline the critical factors to consider when choosing a FMS solution. 
Travis Bayer
Jason Tatge
Detailed description coming soon.

Precision Education

Terry Brase
Terry Brase
White Paper on Status of Precision Agriculture Education
The Precision Ag Institute is working with Terry Brase on the development of a White Paper describing the current status of education in precision agriculture.  A final draft of this white paper will be presented and then discussed in open forum during this workshop. The white paper will address issues such as collaboration between colleges, cooperation with industry, certifications, and defining skills and competencies needed by graduates.  Educators and industry representatives interested in precision ag education are welcome to attend.

Precision Ag Educators Group Meeting
Educators will have the opportunity to meet after the white paper presentation for updates on college programs, discuss additional issues related to the white paper, and general networking.  Goals for a consortium of interested colleges for Precision Ag Education will also be discussed. Though this session will be focused on college educators, industry representatives are also welcome to attend.  

Hands-on Workshops

In 2015 we continue to offer our hands-on workshops. These are great sessions for digging into software and getting first-hand assistance with new tools and managing businesses and people.

Bring your computer to the workshops to get help installing and using cool tools for precision ag. Check out the workshop offerings on the website to learn more about each, including recommended pre-conference downloads.

There is no additional fee to attend InfoAg workshops. No reservations are needed, but seating may be limited. Workshops will be located at just off the exhibit hall in the Midway Suites (behind the IPNI booth).

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