Managing Healthy Precision Agriculture Teams

“Dollars & Sense” Tips to Investing in and Managing Healthy Precision Agriculture Teams. The emergence of precision agriculture technology has created the need for companies to invest in new technologies and to create specialized teams of precision agriculture professionals focused on leading these efforts.  This workshop is designed to address the ‘people’ part of precision agriculture by discussing ways to structure roles, build training programs, and manage teams.  Having worked as precision agriculture specialist for both an agronomy-based company and an equipment company, T.J. will be sharing his insights into the differences between these industries.
Rich Connell AGRI-SEARCH Inc.
Professional Agricultural Recruiter
PO Box 222
Clinton, IL 61911

T.J. was born and raised on his family farm near Clinton, Illinois. As a Precision Ag Technology Consultant, T.J. has worked with several companies to integrate agronomy and technology into practical solutions for crop producers. He understands the systems approach needed for modern crop production. He has held management positions specializing in team integration and business development. T.J. has a genuine passion for people and is uniquely gifted in team building and leadership development. He is a graduate of Central Bible College in Springfield, Missouri, and continues his bi-vocational ministry as an ordained minister with the Assemblies of God fellowship. As a minister, he provides transformational leadership to plateaued church organizations in need of revitalization. An avid outdoorsman, T.J. can often be found on remote wilderness lakes in Wisconsin, northern Minnesota, and Ontario, Canada.

July 29, 2015 08:00am
July 29, 2015 09:00am

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