Crop IMS: Turning Data Privacy in to Practice

Crop IMS LLC is an information management technology company and it is important for us and our clients to understand the impact of data privacy concerns, policies, and actual practice in business applications as we craft our own data privacy policy.  We will share Crop IMS’s journey through this process as well as our beliefs for the impact of these decisions in the years to come.
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Don Bierman grew up on a small farm in southeastern Illinois, graduated from the University of Illinois, spent thirty-two years working at an input supply cooperative and now serves as CEO of Crop IMS LLC. Crop IMS is an Ag technology company based in the Midwest with clients all over the US. In 2010, Crop IMS helped start a new entity, MyWay RTK dedicated to providing open-access RTK to agriculture whose coverage area today is spread across much of the US. Crop IMS also is involved with a company called Independent Data Management LLC whose primary product, MyAgData, facilitates the automated submission of crop acreage reporting to crop insurance companies, the USDA, and other service providers.

July 29, 2015 08:00am

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