InfoAg 2015 Speaker

Dr. Phyl Speser

Foresight Science & Technology
Senior Staff
PO Box 397
Comptche, CA 95427
120707 357 5606

Phyl Speser, J.D., Ph.D., is on the senior staff of NASA Goddards technology transfer/industry partnering office. He became involved with precision agriculture in the 1990s as the commercialization support contractor for USDAs Small Business Innovation Research Program. Dr. Speser helped draft and enact most of the legislation establishing the current US science, engineering, and technology system,. He is widely acknowledge to be one of the founders of the field of technology transfer/commercialization and authored of the best-selling textbook, The Art & Science of Technology Transfer (Wiley, 2006), among other accomplishments. Semi-retired, he lives on and manages a redwood planation in Northern California. A member of the Comptche Volunteer Fire Department, his current hobby is developing a field-portable UAV for wildland firefighting.


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